Engage the design team, client, community and users in a collaborative process to provide the highest
quality architecture that is sustainable, fulfills the programmatic, financial and cultural needs of the project.

Function as a member of the design and constructability team -
specialty project types
Assist in initial strategy/ groundwork
Participate in charrettes, detailed programming and operational needs planning
Assist in design strategy - explore critical issues that will drive change
Assist in cost, constructability and value review
Once scope is defined, assist in partnering sessions with the users, stakeholders, development,            
construction and design teams
Assist with peer review of the DD and CD documents

recent work

developed initiatives for the workplace to re-position companies in achieving more sustainable occupied
spaces, daily operations and coping with today's financial and business climate.

outlined strategies to re-organize the interiors studios of international design organizations into a
company-wide approach that will consolidate efforts embracing a unified design approach, culture,
business development strategy and shared resources.

consulted with and assisting small to mid-sized design firms to move to the next level; teaming with them
to pursue larger or different project types to expand their portfolio and reach - fostering collaboration
among these firms to overcome limited resources.  

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